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visitors at Lake Placid Arts and Crafts Country Fair

Top Festivals Near Lake Placid, Florida

visitors at Lake Placid Arts and Crafts Country Fair

Small communities, much like big cities, have their own festivals with plenty of interesting things to offer. In Florida alone, you can visit festivals revolving around strawberries, blueberries, various types of fish food, kumquats, garlic, rodeos, swamp cabbage, etc. There’s even one themed around the Scottish Highlands. So, it’s no wonder that a small, cozy community like Lake Placid would have its own set of events.

If you want to experience Lake Placid the right way, you will want to visit one of its festivals. Our favorite events are listed in the article below, in no particular order. We recommend giving each and every one of them a shot.

Caladium Festival

For 30 years in a row, the annual Caladium Festival took place in Lake Placid, bringing hundreds of people together. Its 2022 rendition is going to be a blast — and the attendance is free.

Caladiums are the bread and butter of this festival. Throughout the event, stores across Lake Placid will sell these amazing plants. In fact, there are so many of them that a single local grower, Happiness Farms, donated more than 100,000 bulbs of the plant just to decorate the city for the event.

Of course, the Caladium Festival is not exclusively about its namesake plant. Visitors can enjoy the local entertainment, which includes an antique/classic car and bike show. Homebrew bands will perform in a wide variety of genres, including Blue Grass, country, classic rock, etc. In addition, there will be a beer garden, wine tasting, various food booths, and an arts & crafts section.

Central Florida Mud Run

In 2021, we saw the Tough Mudder and the Spartan events take place in Lake Placid in mid-December. That was the first time one could see those two events happen back-to-back in the same town, and it was glorious. Two of the most challenging types of runs that took place at Skipper Ranch are perfect for any fan of extreme sports. After all, they test the upper limits of human endurance and provide excellent entertainment for the spectators.

Lake Placid Arts and Crafts Country Fair

If extreme sports and caladiums aren’t your thing, you can always check out the annual Lake Placid Arts and Crafts Country Fair. Since 1966, this event has been the single best place to meet the local craftsmen and artists. Furthermore, visitors could enjoy viewing and buying artistic creations of the locals.

Each February, Lake Placid exhibits local art at the Lake Placid Middle School, with over 300 booths. On top of that, you can find booths that offer local cuisine. There will also be live entertainment, children’s activities, and live demonstrations of local arts and crafts. Curious visitors can also view the iconic mural at the crossroads of Interlake Blvd. and Main Avenue, which represents the country fair and its unyielding spirit.

In addition to art viewing and sales, the locals will also hold an annual competition. Artists from all over Highlands County will have the opportunity to get their pieces judged by the viewers. Visitors can take part in the event and cast their votes for their favorite works of art in Lake Placid.

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